‘Time To Die’

‘Time To Die’

‘Time to Die’

The cycle of seasons stopped at Winter.

The date above the nursery spoke of 1998 and there heard were the cries of consciousness.

Some time’s gone by since this inception of deception…

Heart’s and intentions exposed and thrown

Loving memories that don’t remember me are all that I own

As I sift through the wreckage to find the pieces I left.

Your face once was mine, your eyes the same colour

We saw the world the same

We were alone together

Now the grave reads ’19

The death of one who will be remembered.

Winter is as cold as ever.

As the Water Well whispers

The chill of an unanswered call and an act still unforgiven.

They prayed and wished but all they really did

Was insist his feet sway above the city centre

If this is what you want, then you are not welcome in December.

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