‘I’m Sorry You Feel That Way’

‘I’m Sorry You Feel That Way’

Your legs are crossed over mine as I try to
Savour the moment as i know that it will not be a recurring occurrence
I am sick of love and the only cure for it,
is being held by the one, you are so sick of

She digs her nails in my wrist like my last name was Christ
Suffice to say, I can’t breathe,
She grips my neck so tight
Try as I might, I cannot write enough letters of love to convince old dog’s new tricks,
or old loves that I’m fixed
And this is as tough as it gets
I’m fucked cause I jumped straight
In the deep end
Though inside I’m shallow, I still fight with my regret
Like my life’s dependant on how I’m right even when I’m not correct
I lack bereft and as I lay back in bed
With a heart that corrupts with each breath
These mistakes circumvent
I ventilate my days with written pages, shamed with angst
Perpetuated by self hate and depreciation
I know I lack motivation, I don’t consider myself an actor but this character I’m portraying is flailing.
If I’m broken then fix me.
Please kiss me, I don’t wish for this to be history,
If I’m breaking, then fix me.’


‘Sam… listen,
I love you but I don’t know if I trust you
I pull my legs back from your lap and as the night continues
I find myself not wanting to touch you

I do not wish to read your letters of love as I have already read enough
You repeat yourself like a cheetah’s spots and you should be embarrassed at the way that your thoughts come across
You’re obnoxious and easily forgotten

You walk around thinking your invincible
But those scars on your arm are all too visible
You once stole my heart as if you were a criminal
But you lack discipline, it matches your shitty principles
You are complex yes, but not vexing
Selfish, in need of help but you’re helpless
All you are now is the space between my lips when I’m kissing someone else’s.

Consider yourself fortunate,
You’re a fucking artist aren’t you
I know you relish in the torment
Go write another song that’ll be ignored by hoards of people who will never support you
I’m sure it’s exhausting to be so fucking sure of yourself’

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